Nominated for the Creative Hero Award!

Daria Biryukova is a "design alchemist" who experiments with waste and second-hand materials. Together with Mineralz (which recycles mineral residues), she developed an application for the ceramics industry: FORZ®Glaze. It consists, among other things, of the sustainable and cleaned bottom ash, a residue that remains after processing household waste. Daria proves that it can be used for ceramic applications. For example, she produced ceramic tiles with the FORZ®Glaze for a sustainable pavilion from Fokkema & Partners Architects.

Jury: "It is a breakthrough to be able to make glaze from waste that is usually made from precious minerals. Daria not only realizes a new product, but also makes the link with industry; Mosa and Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum are already working with her invention. FORZ®Glaze has added value for industry and vice versa. "

Studio Mixtura
Studio Mixtura presents FORZ(R)Glaze during Il Salone Del Mobile in Milan

The “New Material Award” introduces the designs of the future. The biennial award challenges visual artists, designers and architects to use new materials and innovative techniques. The resulting designs will contribute to a better and more sustainable society. 

In the nominated projects, critical research leads to stimulating counter-proposals. With their speculative projects, the designers visualize an alternative, optimistic view of natural resources and the materials of the future.

Studio Mixtura