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'Mixtura for a sustainable future'

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prepared medicine with a variety of ingredients and a mix of colours. Design studio Mixtura brings an inspiring, empowering and enlightening injection of sustainable treatment for industries and manufactures.

Mixtura brings positive effects on it and as an outcome a total recovery through sustainable design solutions. 

we review your waste and provide beautiful and unique design solutions such as new product, material or service to help your company to adjust business for a responsible way to the clean planet.

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we believe in design as a powerful and productive treatment that could help to build a better life and cleaner future.  Starting with a problem and with formulating the 'why' question, Studio Mixtura wants to bring the reevaluation of consumption goods and services.

We see a product, material, not as a fast-changing trendy thing, we see it as a chain of processes which would have a potential value after the product, material finishes its lifetime.





Nowadays, we are close to reach raw materials shortage; secondary raw materials have a great potential and do not loose in qualities. As the methods of waste processing and cleaning are improving, we have a better quality secondary raw materials. investigating and researching about these techniques and methods and translating it into new materials and products is our main goal

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