Studio Mixtura was founded in 2018 as part of Biryukovadesign. Daria Biryukova is a design alchemist with a fascination of experimenting with waste and secondary raw materials. She is searching for smart, sustainable and beautiful solutions for everyday life. 

'I believe in design as a powerful and productive treatment that can help to build a better life. I start every project with deep research and analysis of all the ingredients which appear after production or recycling processes. This approach allows me to work with a very broad range of industries and collaborate with experts from different disciplines. Once i collect all  data, the mixing and matchmaking begins. A study brings me to a complete new storytelling with the answers to  questions: why the product, material is produced in this way, why the waste is accumulating, how it could get a sustainable treatment and as the outcome what is the design of a new product'. 



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