Studio Mixtura was founded in 2018 as part of Biryukovadesign. Daria Biryukova is a design alchemist with a fascination of experimenting with waste and secondary raw materials. She is searching for smart, sustainable and beautiful solutions for everyday life. 

'I believe in design as a powerful and productive treatment that can help to build a better life. I start every project with deep research and analysis of all the ingredients which appear after production or recycling processes. This approach allows me to work with a very broad range of industries and collaborate with experts from different disciplines. Once i collect all  data, the mixing and matchmaking begins. A study brings me to a complete new storytelling with the answers to  questions: why the product, material is produced in this way, why the waste is accumulating, how it could get a sustainable treatment and as the outcome what is the design of a new product'. 



Material Libraries:

MatériO - FORZ(R)Glaze tiles samples

Material District - FORZ(R)Glaze tiles samples

The Vitra Design Museum: Schaudepot Lab FORZ(R)Glaze tiles samples

Material Library St. Martins London



If you'd like to do an internship at Studio Mixtura and you speak English you are very welcome to apply. Please write an email with your portfolio to



+31 (0) 620184204

Torenallee 22-04 | 5617 BD Eindhoven


Publications and interviews:



Embracing Exchange Maastricht 2019 | Craft | Eindhoven Spoon

Il Salone Del Mobile Milan 2019 | Alcova | New Material Award | FORZ(R)Glaze

Yksi Expo 2019 | What is in it for you | Driving Dutch Design

Embracing Design Exchange IMM Cologne Passagen 2019 | Eindhoven Spoon

Ein&Zwanzig | Design im Kunstverein | Passagen 2019 | FORZ(R)Glaze

Material District Rotterdam 2019 | Urban & Landscapes | FORZ(R)Glaze

Embracing Design Exchange IMM Cologne Passagen 2018 | FORZ(R)Glaze

Il Salone del Mobile Ein&Zwanzig 2018 | FORZ(R)Glaze tiles

Global Climate Action Summit San Francisco| Clean Revolution Expo | FORZ(R)Glaze

Dutch Design Week 2018 | Eindhoven Spoon

Dutch Design Week 2018 | Clean Revolution | FORZ(R)Glaze

Dutch Design Week 2018 | New Material Awards | FORZ(R)Glaze

Dutch Design Week 2018 | Driving Dutch Design | Studio Mixtura

Droog 2018 | New Material Award | FORZ(R)Glaze

Dutch Design Week 2017 | FORZGlaze

Frankfurt Ambiente Talents 2016 | Communication Teapot

Encounters at the end of the world 2016 | Communication Teapot

Brainport Eindhoven 2016 | Communication Teapot

The opening of Forz Factory | Green Deal Glaze 2016

Essence 2015 | Communication Teapot