By experimenting with variety of ashes, Daria Biryukova continues her research project on ceramic glazes. She was inspired by traditional recipes from Middle East and extended this knowledge with experiments on biological waste provided by Renewi Mineralz. FORZ(R) granules – bottom ash is produced from specially selected and processed mineral residues, released during combustion processes and separation of household waste. It is a sustainable product that has been already used in concrete industry and civil engineering as directly usable alternative for sand and gravel.



Studio Mixtura has been working with Mineralz B.V. since 2016. Mineralz is active in the recycling of mineral residues to secondary raw materials. The new raw materials are marketed under the brand name FORZ®. Daria Biryukova, together with Mineralz, has developed an application of FORZ® in the ceramic industry. This FORZ® application is marketed as FORZ® Glaze and can be used in both fine and coarse ceramic products. In this recipe, cleaned AEC bottom ash, among other ingredients, is used. This reduces the use of primary materials and makes products with FORZ®inside circular. FORZ® glaze can be used in both fine and coarse ceramic products. Based on the wishes of the market, Daria can adapt the FORZ®Glaze recipe and the pigments to be used in order to create the right color and shine. The products and articles produced with FORZ® Glaze are suitable for consumer purposes and meet the applicable environmental requirements.