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Eindhoven spoon

Eindhoven is with Brainport, the region of technology, innovation, knowledge and design. Based on these spearheads, Yksi Connect has created a special and innovative promotional gift for the municipality of Eindhoven. Designed by Daria Biryukova in collaboration with the Eindhoven companies Shapeways (3D printing) and Mineralz (part of waste processing company Renewi) and Eindhoven University of Technology.

special glaze

Shapeways then produces a first series of prototypes in porcelain via 3D printing, which Daria then supplies with FORZ(R)Glaze. In this method she uses Forz. This material is produced by Mineralz from cleaned bottom ash that remains after the incineration of (Eindhovens) household waste. But due to the shape and the details, the spoon does not appear to be successful: too much deformation and too fragile. As an alternative, 45 spoons are ultimately produced by ceramic casting in stoneware and then glazed with sustainable FORZ(R)Glaze.