Communication teapot

Within her research, Daria Biryukova analyses how contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship collaborate, at what point they intersect and where they build on each other. How eastern and western values combine in a synthesis to create something excitingly new. Her project is based on extensive field research in the traditional Uzbekistan ceramic craftsmanship center Rishtan, where Master Nazirov Alisher sparked lively discussions and insides about food and tea traditions.

Graduation Project
University of Applied Arts
Essence Vienna Exhibition 2015


Glaze experiments

Through verbal and visual communication the transformation of forms, patterns and glazes, which are dealt with in this project, gradually developed into new forms of expression. Analising the transformation that is represented through variety of teapots, the final object shown, as the “communication teapot”. A variety of glaze samples represented in the graduation project are part of the colour research that was done by Daria Biryukova in order to find a natural alternative for the disappearing “Ishkor” glaze base. Blue, Turquoise, Darkblue, Yellow and Green could be based on natural nut-ash and metal oxides and will achieve the same colour shades and intensity as did the traditional “Ishkor” glaze.